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The Success "Affiliate Program" from the
Globtrotter Business Club

Welcome and thank you very much for recommending the successful course of the "Globetrotter Business Club".

Become affiliate partner of our successful video course now and earn huge commission on every referral with our two tier / level system.


Registration is 100% free and in a few minutes you have your turnkey worldwide business for German and English speaking customers!

You want to know why

you will hardly find a better business

as a globetrotter, backpacker or digital nomad?


The principle of the Affiliate Program is simple:

By recommending yourself as an Affiliate, you will receive 40% in the first tier for every sale you make and another 10 % in the second tier level of the net revenue for every sale your teammembers make. 


I would like to briefly explain

why this program will be more rewarding for you

than most other affiliate programs on the market.



1) Most other courses are often only offered in one language (mostly German). So you have a limited sales potential as a globetrotter. Our course is offered in both German and English, and almost every traveller, backpacker, globetrotter or digital nomad speaks English as a second language. You have here for exactly the target group which you meet on the way during the travel, for almost all the right program, almost without losses.

2) Ask yourself how many people feel like doing real estate business or getting involved in online marketing. Maybe it's 10% of the people. Now ask yourself how many people would like to travel the rest of their lives. It's probably 90% of people. And that's what it's all about. Most other affiliate program providers usually try to sell the drill instead of the hole in the wall. If you understand what I mean. With the speech to our program in German and also in English you can do nothing wrong. You probably have the biggest market in the world ahead of you and help people to realize their dreams without technical knowledge or unnecessarily large investments.

3) We have introduced an extra 2-step commission model for you, so that you also get 10% of the net income from successful partners you could win, through their sales. This gives you the opportunity to profit permanently from your team partners. Imagine you have won 1,000 partners, and each one only makes 1 sale per month. This is also not the case with most other affiliate programs.

Just compare these points with all other affiliate programs and you will know why you should recommend this course from the Globetrotter Business Club.


How does it all work?

1) You need an account with our affiliate and payment provider "Digistore24". If you don't have an account there yet, you can register there for free and register as an "Affiliate". https://www.digistore24.com/signup/262749,262812/


2) After you have registered there, you have to apply for the affiliate partnership of the "Globetrotter Business Club". If you request your referral links, you will be accepted automatically.


3) When you have received your personal affiliate links, you can add them to your website, send them by email, print them on business cards or flyers, etc. (No spam advertising please)!


4) Every time a potential customer buys a course from the Globetrotter Business Club through your personalized affiliate link, you get 40% of the net revenue in the first level and another 10 % in the second level. (Net turnover = sales price minus VAT minus fees for "Digistore24"). Your link is automatically tracked and Digistore24 recognizes that the customer was recommended by you.


5) 90% of the net commission will be paid to you after 14 days at the earliest. Digistore24 reserves the right to withhold 10% of the net commission. These will only be paid out after 60 days.


6) Before you can receive payments, you must first complete your account information with Digistore24. This includes tax information, bank details, place of residence, etc. (Further FAQs on Digistore can also be found at the following link: https://docs.digistore24.com/knowledge-base/frequently-asked-questions/?lang=en


Your advantages at a glance:


Advantage #1

40 % commission for every successful recommendation from you in the first level and another 10 % in the second level. You don't need your own website or programming knowledge. Your turnkey business (affiliate program registration) is done in minutes!

Advantage #2

You will reach more people with hardly any other affiliate program than with the desire to travel the world and earn more money than you need monthly. You give people the know-how to finally fulfill their dreams.

Advantage #3

You don´t just get paid for your own referals. We built up a two tier commision system for you, where you can built your own salesarmee and you earn another 10 % from everybody who selling also this course and who is in your own team. Can you imagine wat happen, if 100 or eve 1.000 others from your team sell this course? It means passive income for you! 

Advantage #4

Course is available in German and also in English, so you have the ideal product worldwide for your target group as globetrotter, backpacker, traveler or digital nomad. And as a traveler you will meet other travelers. And everybody will know how you finance your trip. Just recommend this course. That´s it!


German and English course are two different links!

The product ID at Digistore24 for the German course is: 262749


If you are already registered at Digistore 24, simply replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your personal Digistore24 ID to apply for the German course.


The product ID at Digistore24 for the English course is: 262812


If you are already registered at Digistore 24, simply replace the word "AFFILIATE" with your personal Digistore 24 ID to apply for the English course.


Step 1:

If you are not yet registered at digistore24, please use the following link. Then the affiliate links to the "Globetrotter Business Club" (in German & English) will automatically be assigned to you when you register.


Step 2:


Click here to go to the sales page of our course:

Inside of the course you find also a chapter with dozens of aquisition strategies, how to find new potential customers for this course!


If you have landed here and have not yet purchased our video course from the Globetrotter Business Club, you can do so here.


A countdown counter is integrated on the page. After the time has expired, the price increases by 100 Euro per hour until 299 Euro are achieved.

It is up to you whether you purchase the course for 99 €, 199 € or 299 €. The fast ones eat the slow ones, and some people, especially if they are not self-employed and are not used to making investment decisions, need some kind of decision support.

And you can assume that the timer works;-)... I wouldn't try it if I were you. It could cost you 100 Euro.

It also has the advantage for you as an agent that you can profit from sales prices between 99 € - 299 € and get your commissions on it!

I am looking forward to you ☺ and a successful time together!