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Globetrotter Business Club

 How you as a globetrotter can permanently earn more income per month than you need to live during your travels!

Over 20 hours of video course with
the best travel hacks and business ideas
for globetrotters, backpackers and digital nomads!

Including complete turnkey business concept for you!

Ready to start within an hour without programming knowledge or your own website!

Stop Working - Start Earning - Enjoy Living!

Why go to work into old age,
if you have the right strategy
to travel the world permanently,
and enjoy your life?

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Numbers - Data - Facts:

From our customer survey: Data in %!

Believe that with the information from this course you have come closer to your long-term goal of sustainable travel:

Would buy the course again:

Have subsequently joined our free and turnkey business concept:

"Whoever follows the mainstream is in danger, 
to miss the most beautiful part of his life!"

What awaits you in our course:

> 100 different business ideas for globetrotters, backpackers, & digital nomads:

Huge selection of business ideas that you can use on the go to generate your monthly income while traveling.

It's not just about online business ideas, but also about business concepts you don't need a computer for.

In addition, with most business concepts we also give you ideas on how to find customers.

Complete turnkey business concept for travelers:

Your complete turnkey business is waiting for you at no additional cost.

We have developed a complete turnkey business concept for you, which you can immediately implement worldwide without additional costs.

You don't need any programming knowledge or your own website.

You can do all this within less than an hour and earn money already. And that daily. No matter where you are.

Free cruises and earn money at the same time:

Find out how to get free cruises around the world.

Best of all, you'll also learn how this concept can help you build a sustainable passive income. 

Some partners earn a 5-digit monthly income with it. And the whole thing passively!

General useful informations before the trip:

In this chapter you will learn all about the things you should take care of before a long trip over several months or years.

It deals with topics such as Telephoning, vaccinations, health insurance, useful APPs, international driving licences, general travel arrangements, and much more.

Dozens of acquisition strategies to win new customers:

The best product or service won't help you if you don't know how to win customers for it.

We therefore provide you with dozens of acquisition strategies with which you can win new customers every day worldwide.

Not everyone comes from marketing or sales. And many people often lack the ideas on how to win customers relatively easily.

That's why we provide you with masses of ideas that you can easily implement 1:1.


Strategies to find money sources, sponsors and investors:

You do not yet have the necessary money to travel permanently?

No problem.

We will provide you with several ideas and strategies on how to get the necessary small money for your travels.

We will tell you how to find sponsors, financiers and investors for your trip.

Valuable link lists:

For each individual chapter we provide you with the best and most suitable links for travelers and also to the business ideas, so that you don't have to research extra long and thus save a lot of time.

Altogether we have prepared > 350 of the best links to business ideas and also travel hacks together in the individual chapters for you.

The best free and cheap travel hacks:

Whether to stay overnight or to travel from A to B.

You will learn the best travel hacks, how you can spend the night worldwide for free and very cheap, how to get from A to B, and many other tips that will help you to save your travel budget in the long run.

Every Euro you don't have to spend, you don't have to earn and saves your travel budget.

You get a lot of strategies how to travel for free.

The biggest mistakes and how to avoid them:

Avoiding mistakes can save a lot of time and money.

Use the knowledge of many successful globetrotters and avoid the mistakes most travellers make.

We show you the biggest mistakes and help you to avoid them.

The right mindsetting:

Underestimated by many, the right mindset is one of the most important chapters in the course.

Only if you understand various strategies and basic rules, and are open to change, will you be able to enjoy the long-term life as a globetrotter, backpacker, or digital nomad. 

What do you really need for long-term travel? From which thoughts one should free oneself, and also how one avoids boredom and does not become travel tired.

You will be given basic elements that will enable you to make the right decisions and everything you should bring with you mentally.

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7 questions you should ask yourself:

1) Have you lived the way you wanted or have you also become a slave of the mainstream?


2) How do you imagine your future? Every day, week, month, year until retirement or end of life the same process? To get up in the morning, go to work, come home exhausted and fall into bed tired to death? Or travel without limit and experience something new every day, discover the world and earn good money at the same time?


3) Does it make sense to waste a third of one's life on school and university and to learn theories, of which no 20 percent will be needed later? Or would training with real entrepreneurs make more sense?


4) Do you really want to look at the same living room wall every evening until the end of your life?


5) Did you really enjoy and live every year of your life, or did you just repeat every day for years?


6) What has kept you from travelling permanently so far?


7) How long do you think you have to travel around the world? 

Are you ready for a new life in freedom?

Over 80 lessons and over 20 hours of videos with the best tips for lifelong travel!

Radiointerview about my cyclingtrip (In German language)
Mindsetting for longterm Globetrotters
Valuable tips before the trip
The biggest mistakes
Business ideas Gerneral rules
Aquisition strategies
Find Sponsors
Und 79 weitere Videos

Course size: 86 lessons - 20:58:33 hours

Take your course everywhere!

Lifetime access to the complete course. Whether for iPhone, iPad and Android or PC.

Whether in a café, on the beach or in the office or at home.


Secure your turnkey business concept now for
World travellers, globetrotters, backpackers & digital nomads!

"Live your life
just the way you want it,
and not
as others would like!"

Peter Rübsamen

To think about:

"If you measure your personal success on the basis of a full business schedule, you don't understand the real sense of life!"

Every person has only one life, and it is important to enjoy it!

The real challenge in life is usually to earn a little more each month than one spends each month. 
And when it comes to permanent travel, that's nothing else. You only have to find a solution how to earn more than you need every month while travelling.

And for that we deliver everything you need here in this course!

Start today and don't let other people stop you from making excuses for your dreams!

General FAQs:

Is it a subscription?

No! It's just a one-time payment! It is not a subscription.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, we use Digistore24 as one of the leading German payment providers and for sending out our information products.

How long does the delivery take?

After successful payment you will receive an e-mail from Digistore24 with your personal access data for the course "IMMEDIATELY". You will then have immediate access to the videos.

In which languages is the course available?

German and English. If you prefer to buy the course in German, you can do so at www.GlobetrotterBusiness.de

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifelong access via your members area and can access from anywhere via the Internet.

After this time the price will increase by another 100 €! Act now!

You will not get this price again after the time has expired.

We only want to support you in making your decision.

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